Did Piven Skip Town to Attend Golden Globes?

That mercury-poisoning story was a little tough to swallow anyway

Word is that Jeremy Piven's quick exit from Broadway's "Speed The Plow" production last month had nothing to do with his sushi addiction.
Piven's claim that he had to bow out of "Plow" because of mercury poisoning – allegedly caused by years of eating sushi -- never really passed the sniff test. Now the latest rumor is that Piven skipped town so he could attend the Golden Globes in Los Angeles Sunday night, an insider told The New York Post.
Piven, who'd been nominated for best supporting actor for his role on HBO's "Entourage" allegedly "wanted out of the show because he wasn't going to be allowed to skip a performance so that he could attend the Golden Globes," the source told Page Six.
That allegations seems odd, seeing as Piven's "Plow" co-star, Elisabeth Moss of "Mad Men" fame, was in attendance.

The Emmy-winning actor is sticking to his story.

"I was so sick for most of the run of the show. Some days I would sleep right until the time I had to go to the theater," he told Fox News. "I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was exhausted. Finally, I went to a doctor at Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut just so it wouldn’t turn into a circus. He said, 'you’ve got to stop working.' My heart rate was 47. My mercury level was off the charts. I hadn’t had a real break in 20 years of acting."

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