Deluxe Designer Swap Is ON

Cap Hill types can mix & match their wardrobes

First of all, we suggest you really think about that Bebe dress you're wearing in about a hundred pictures on Facebook.

And then there's the Marc Jacobs bag you swore you'd love forever -- until you realized it clashed with your hair.

Itching to ditch designer clothes you never wear, but cringing at the thought of tossing stuff you totally overpaid for? Local style blog Capitol Hill Style comes to the rescue with its handy online Resale Salon, which launched Saturday, July 17.

Capitol Hill Style is all about helping Hill types and other professionals look savvy, not stuffy, in the office. This is the first resale event it's hosting, having been dreamed up only within the past two weeks. Young professionals looking to shop on a budget could likely find a little sliver of label heaven here.

The first crop of items for sale includes a Juicy Couture trench, Kate Spade pumps and plenty of designer denim. (Maybe that's for those casual Fridays.)

The Resale Salon charges sellers a low flat fee ($3 for one item, or $12 for five) to have items included in a shopping area of the Web site separate from the blog. Item will be listed with photos and descriptions. Buyers will contact sellers directly about the price; if they make an agreement, the seller pays via PayPal.

Capitol Hill Style offers some guidelines to ensure everyone gets the best bang for their buck:  

  • Be fair with pricing. If you paid $350 for a DvF dress and you’ve worn it lots, it's going to depreciate in value. Don't expect to recoup the original value.
  • Be as detailed, precise and thorough as possible in your description. Mention rips or stains or the shopping gods may register their discontent.
  • They won't accept knockoffs, men’s clothing, athletic gear, swimwear, formal or wedding attire, lounge wear, fine jewelry, worn-down shoes, Uggs, Juicy track suits, Vera Bradley bags, Crocs or Forever 21.
  • If you're ready to sell, e-mail and include at least one good-quality JPG or GIF, as well as a contact e-mail address you're comfortable making available to the public. Also, only your first name and last name initial will be posted.
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