Deeds, McDonnell Debate Over 10 Debates

Never, ever accept your opponent's proposal

The Virginia governor's race, it's "heating up," everyone!

This Saturday, Democrat R. "Creigh" Deeds and his Republican foil, Robert "Bob" McDonnell, will bicker about politics to the death in their first general election debate, at some place called "The Homestead in Hot Springs" -- meaning, you're not invited. Oh well!

But then what? Where will the *other* debates take place, and how many will there be? This is where things get political, and not in the helpful or productive sense.

Earlier this month McDonnell played the old political joker card -- we have no idea what that means! -- by challenging Deeds to a whole 10 gubernatorial debates, much more than the usual three or four or seven. This helped McDonnell show that he was honest and cared about the issues! Does Creigh Deeds hate transparency and informing the public? Etc.

In responding, however, Deeds could not simply accept the 10 debates McDonnell proposed, because that would have been accepting something Bob McDonnell proposed, and supposedly these sort of weak "acceptances" make people look weak, in politics.

So today Deeds made up his own list of 10 debates that he would find acceptable. Would McDonnell accept them? Of course not -- weakness, etc.

An initial response from Tucker Martin with the McDonnell campaign: "An embarrasing capitulation and not even a very savvy move. We will respond soon."

He added, "the me too candidate strikes again."

Just remember, voters: this will never be about you.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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