D.C.’s Poor Sexiled College Students

Everyone has a roommate story, it seems

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Boston-area Tufts University made news (and late-night comedy) earlier this year when it passed a "no humping when your roommate is around" rule that, well, banned that particular practice.

That, dear reader, no doubt piqued your curiosity. No, not about that. Get your mind out of the gutter. But about what our local colleges and universities do about roommate humping. Thankfully, curious reader, the Post provides the answer.

At Georgetown "overnight visits with a sexual partner [are] incompatible both with the Catholic character of the University and with the rights of the roommates." But what if it's only for an hour? (Or less?)

At the University of Maryland, there's no policy per se, other than to talk about it with your roommate.

What about Catholic? You really need to ask?

The helpful peanut gallery at the WaPo's comments section is a little too eager to chip in with their thoughts about roommate booty (Consider 'em all [sic]'d, especially because "roommate" is tough to spell):

  • "[S]o too is it wrong to flood a room with sexual pheromones and the squeak, squeak, squeak of bedsprings."
  • "Back in the seventies at Bennington we used to have sex when the roomate was in the room and then have sex with the roomate...problem solved."

Or an alternative:

  • "If you go to your room and your roomate is 'busy'; just remember, your roomate's mate has a roommate too who is at that same time alone. Problem taken care of."
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