DCRA Offers Sample Lease For Inaugural Landlords

Lease gives renting basics

DCRA Offers Sample Lease For Inaugural Landlords was originally published on City Desk on Dec. 16, 2008, at 10:00 am

It’s handy. It will help you make easy money if you buy into all the hype. So Obama’s coming to town. And you want to capitalize on the Inauguration buzz by renting your modest studio. DCRA is now offering a handy sample lease agreement for you to give to prospective Inaugural renters.

DCRA boasts:

“The sample agreement allows for clear-cut parameters to be put into writing before any monetary transaction takes place, including length of stay, deposit amounts and any limitations of a tenant’s use of the property.”

The lease is incredibly basic and all business. It’s not worth quoting.

Is it me or is Fenty, DCRA, and the Park Police almost begging us to skip town? We’ll have out-of-town drinkers boozing it up till 5 a.m. (maybe), we can’t camp out on the Mall (thus miss our one advantage as hometown residents), and now they’ve bent the rules and made it easy for us to rent out our homes/apartments and cash in on the big event.

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