Would-be Robber Uses Backhoe to Get at ATM (Video)

WASHINGTON — When it comes to brazen attempts to steal money, this one ranks high.

The Prince George’s County police say that on June 1, someone stole a backhoe and drove it five miles to a bank in the 7500 block of Marlboro Pike, where the operator tried to claw his way to the money.

“There really aren’t words that can do the video justice,” said Prince George’s County Police Lt. Dave Coleman about the attempted theft, which was captured by surveillance video.

“He used the bucket to peel away the ATM’s outer wrapping … it was unsuccessful. He was not able to get any money out of the ATM but he caused about $10,000 worth of damage,” Coleman said.

Investigators believe the man who stole the backhoe and damaged the ATM is the same one who broke through the roof of a Marlboro Pike tobacco shop last March. making off with an ATM and 250 cartons of cigarettes.

“First we’re coming in through the roof, now we’re stealing backhoes,” said Coleman. He couldn’t reveal how investigators have tied together the incidents.

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