Workweek Weather Blog: From a Muggy Monday to a Fall-like Friday

The remnants of former Hurricane Nate will continue moving up the Appalachian Mountains and bring the area the first soaking rain we’ve had in almost 25 days.

It will be a rainy Monday morning rush with the rain heavy at times in a few bands. Some pooling of water on the roadways may slow the commute, but other than that, the speed of the system and the antecedent dry conditions will prevent widespread flooding.

Many areas will pick up an inch of rainfall, especially west of Washington. Some spots near Interstate 81 may get a little more. But, again, the system will move right along to New England and then out to sea; and it may be soon enough that we’ll even get to see some sun again Monday afternoon, which would spike temperatures right back up into the 80s and make it feel absolutely tropical, especially for this time of year.

The cold front which helped draw Nate inland and toward us in the first place will slowly pass through in the storm’s wake on Tuesday, dropping the humidity a bit by Wednesday. The temperature improvement will be more noticeable, but that will also be because the clouds will come right back in ahead of the next disturbance, which will also bring a chance for some more light rain on Wednesday into early Thursday. It will be much less than Nate’s remnant amounts, however.

Strong Canadian high pressure will then build in Thursday into Friday, displacing all the warm, humid weather. The workweek will end much more seasonable with much less humidity, finally feeling like fall again.

Daily weather highlights


  • Rainy and breezy for most of the morning
  • Breezy with scattered showers and some partial sunshine in the afternoon
  • Unseasonably warm and very humid


  • Diminishing breezes
  • Still warm, but a bit less humid
  • Mix of sun and fair weather clouds
  • A stray shower or two


  • Becoming cloudy again
  • Not as warm and turning less humid, despite a few showers
  • Potential to be even cooler with a steady light rain and drizzle


  • Still a fair amount of cloudiness
  • Breezy with dropping humidity


  • More seasonable temperatures
  • Mix of clouds and sun
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Editor’s Note: The WTOP Workweek Weather Blog is intended as an in-depth yet plain language summary of the business week’s weather potential in the D.C. area along with an explanation of the contingencies and uncertainties that exist at the time of publication. For the latest actual Storm Team 4 forecast, check out the link on the main WTOP Weather Page.

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