Virginia 2016 General Election Results

Virginia residents voted for local offices and ballot referendums, two constitutional amendments and U.S. House races in addition to president. Check back tonight for unofficial election results plus a county-by-county breakdown of the presidential election.

Presidential results by county
Congressional race results
Constitutional amendments
Local race results
Local ballot issues

Note: All results are unofficial until certified.

(i) denotes incumbent

Presidential results by county

House race results

Constitutional amendments

Local results

Arlington County Board (vote for 1)
Libby Garvey (i)
Audrey Clement

Arlington County School Board (Vote for 2)
Nancy Van Doren (i)
Tannia Talento

Herndon Mayor
Lisa C. Merkel (i)
Jasbinder Singh

Herndon Town Council – vote for 6
Jennifer Baker (i)
Jeffrey Davidson
Signe Friedrichs
Connie Hutchinson
David Kirby (i)
William McKenna
Sheila Ole (i)
Roland Taylor
Grace Han Wolf (i)

Leesburg mayor
C. B. “Kelly” Burk
David S. “Dave” Butler (i)
Kevin D. Wright

Leesburg Town Council (vote for 3)
R.E. Ron Campbell
Thomas Dunn (i)
Katie Sheldon Hammler (i)
John Hilton
Evan Macbeth
Gwen Pangle
Ken Reid

Manassas Park Mayor
Jeanette M. Rishell
F.C. Frank Jones, Jr. (i)

Manassas City Council – (vote for 3)
Rexford Parr
Pamela Sebesky
Mark Wolfe (i)
Theresa Coates Ellis
Ian Lovejoy (i)
Jonathan Way (i)
Michael Youlen

Manassas City School Board (vote for 4)
Suzanne Westre Seaberg (i)
Kristen Kiefer(i)
Peter O’Hanlon
Scott Albrecht(i)
Robyn Williams
Kim Jenkins-Bailey

Manassas City Treasurer (vote for 1)
Patricia Richie-Folks
Russel Harrison

Local ballot issues

Arlington County
Metro and transportation bond referendum: (Pass or Fail)
Parks and recreation bond referendum: (Pass or Fail)
Community infrastructure bond referendum: (Pass or Fail)
School construction bond referendum: (Pass or Fail)

Fairfax County
Meals tax referendum: (Pass or Fail)
Metro and transportation bond referendum: (Pass or Fail)
Parks bond referendum: (Pass or Fail)
Human services and community development bond referendum: (Pass or Fail)

Loudoun County
Parks bond referendum: (Pass or Fail)
Public safety bond referendum: (Pass or Fail)
Transportation bond referendum: (Pass or Fail)
School projects bond referendum: (Pass or Fail)

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