Va. Powerball Ticket Wins Couple Thousands More Than They Thought

WASHINGTON — A Mississippi couple is feeling happy and probably a little relieved after they found out they probably should have been a little more careful with their Virginia lottery ticket, which was worth 500 times more than the amount they thought.

Kenny Beevers, of Boyle, Mississippi, a truck driver, bought a Powerball ticket while he was on the road at Frank’s Trucking Center, on West Military Highway in Chesapeake, last month, the Virginia Lottery said in a statement. After the Aug. 23 drawing, he and his wife, Cathy Robin, thought they’d won $400.

He was going to give it to their daughter as a wedding present, but Cathy Robin had already mailed it in — no point in driving all the way to Virginia to claim $400, right?

Except they got one thing wrong: Lottery officials called Cathy Robin Beevers to say that the ticket was actually worth $200,000 — Kenny had picked four of the five regular numbers plus the Powerball number, which is good for $50,000, and spent the extra dollar to quadruple his potential returns.

The lottery said the couple will use the money to pay bills and make repairs to one of Kenny’s trucks.

They drove to Virginia to get the money. No sense taking any chances.

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