Va. Osprey Chicks Are Growing Up on YouTube, and Now They Need Names

WASHINGTON — Two osprey chicks in a nest on the James River in Richmond are being named — and you can help choose what they’ll be called.

It might help to watch the live-streaming RVA Osprey Camera awhile to decide whether the birds seem more like a “Ralph and Cricket” or “Annabel and Lee,” among other choices.

One of the chicks is almost too big to entirely fit underneath a nesting parent. The smaller chick, however, can stay out of the rain completely when a parent is around.

Watch when the adults are not in nesting mode and you might see a parent with massive talons comically walk on curled toes to avoid hurting its progeny. Also, there’s no telling what Mom or Dad might show up with for dinner.

The Friends of the James River is sponsoring the naming contest. People feeling particularly invested in one of the suggested naming options can vote once an hour.

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