Study: Maryland, Virginia in Top 10 for Kids' Education

WASHINGTON — A new study finds that both Maryland and Virginia are in the top 10 for how well states educate their children.

Maryland came in fifth, while Virginia took the tenth spot.

The report, published Tuesday by U.S. News & World Report, used enrollment in pre-K, test scores, student to teacher ratios, class size, teacher training, high school graduation rates, the cost of college tuition and college debt as metrics for their scoring system.

In both Maryland and Virginia, 45 percent of people have advanced degrees.

Both states also have similar high school graduation rates and percentages of residents with a college education.

College tuition is cheaper in Maryland. Students in the state from kindergarten through 12th grade score particularly well in math, according to the study.

Massachusetts came in first, where 49 percent of the population has a college education.

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