Street Sweeping Marks Coming of Spring in DC

WASHINGTON — There are certain indicators of spring’s imminent arrival every year. For some, it’s the cherry blossoms, or the return of baseball or the changing of the clocks as you spring ahead. But for residents in D.C., there’s also the return of street sweeping.

Sweeping begins March 1, and runs on a weekly basis through October. Leaving your car parked on the street during posted times will result in a warning over the next 10 days.

But you’ll want to get back into that routine again soon, because after March 10, forgetting to move your car will result in a $45 fine.

The sweeping program is paused in the winter because the machines that do the sweeping spray a water mist that can freeze around streets and sidewalks in frigid weather.

D.C. officials said sweepers collected more than 2,000 tons of litter and pollutants last year.

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