Registration Deadline Is Monday for High-profile Virginia Election

WASHINGTON — With Virginia’s key primaries just weeks away, voters have just a few days left to register or update their information.

Voter registration closes Monday.

On June 13, voters go to the polls to decide the Republican and Democratic nominees for governor and lieutenant governor as well as the nominees in certain contested House of Delegates races.

On the GOP side, state Sen. Frank Wagner, Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman

Corey Stewart and former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie are seeking the nomination for governor.

In the Democratic race, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and former Rep. Tom Perriello are on the ballot.

For lieutenant governor, the Democratic candidates are former federal prosecutor Justin Fairfax, former federal prosecutor Gene Rossi and lobbyist and political activist Susan Platt. The Republican candidates are state Sen. Bryce Reeves, Del. Glenn Davis and state Sen. Jill Vogel.


The registration deadline is this Monday, May 22. Voters can update or check their registration statuses through the Virginia Department of Elections website. To register online, voters need their Virginia DMV customer number.

“Last year, we saw a rush for folks trying to get their voter registration records updated before the November election. All the activity right at the deadline does cause a strain on our systems,” said Cameron Sasnett, Fairfax County general registrar. He urged voters who have moved to check and update their registrations as soon as possible.

In the fall, the rush to register crashed the state’s system on the final day of registration and led to a federal court order extending the registration period.

Fairfax County has around 750,000 registered voters, more than any other jurisdiction in Virginia.

At the polls

Virginia voters do not register by party, so voters can choose at the polls which party’s primaries to vote in.

“We do not keep a record of which party you belong to or participate in,” Sasnett said. “However, on Election Day, because we have both a Democratic and Republican primary going on at the same time, you will have to let us know which ballot you want.”

Virginians voting absentee must make the selection on their application form. To get an absentee ballot in the mail, voters must request the ballot no later than June 6 — but the sooner the better, Sasnett said. Virginia also allows in-person absentee voting through Saturday, June 10.

Voters are required to provide a reason to vote absentee in Virginia, but many people qualify based on reasons like a long work day and commute.

For in-person voting either before primary day or on it, voters must bring a photo identification like a Virginia driver’s license, student ID or employer ID.

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