Planning a July 4 Crab Feast? Here's How Much You'll Shell Out

WASHINGTON — Many in our region celebrate the Fourth of July not just with fireworks, but with newspaper, a mallet and steamed blue crabs.

Stan Kiser, crab manager of Jessie Taylor Seafood at D.C.’s Maine Avenue Fish Market, said the holiday is one of their biggest in terms of crab sales.

“For some people, it might be the only day of the year that they actually eat crabs,” he told WTOP.

At Jessie Taylor Seafood’s barge on Thursday, crab prices ranged between $95 and $285 a bushel.

As Independence Day gets closer, Kiser said, demand will go up, lines will grow and prices could rise to about $125–$300 a bushel.

Buyers should shop early if possible, he said.

“The earlier the better, as far as price and selection. If they catch plenty, you might have no problem at all. [Prices] might stay the same. We’ll see what happens,” he said.

Kiser said he likes the looks of crabs that fishermen are bringing in.

“Especially the males — they’re very heavy, so they’re probably very close to going through another shed. Usually they are light around the holiday, [but] I think they’re going to catch it just right this time,” he said.

Though Kiser deals with crabs all day, he doesn’t shy away when it’s time to eat.

“I love crabs, I love seafood. I think I could eat seafood every day of my life. One thing about sitting back eating crabs, you’re not thinking about your problems, you know what I mean? All you’re just thinking about is eating crabs.”

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