New High-profile Residents Cause Kalorama Parking Headaches

WASHINGTON — It’s never easy finding parking in D.C., but if your neighbors are former President Barack Obama or presidential daughter Ivanka Trump, it’s even harder. The new arrivals to DC’s Kalorama neighborhood all come with Secret Service security details, which need parking spots, too.

“It has changed the complexity of finding open free spaces,” said David Bender, chairperson for Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2D, which includes the neighborhood.

Some sidewalks and roads near the million-dollar mansions of the Obamas and Trump and Kushner have been closed to car and foot traffic. Secret Service details are stationed outside the houses, as well as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s.

Tyler Seeger lives in Kalorama and says he has noticed it has become increasingly difficult for people to find a place to park their vehicles.

“The Trump/Kushner household, they take up a lot of parking spaces, so I am sure if they found an alternative for their cars, it would open up a few more spaces for people,” Seeger said.

Another challenge in finding parking is caused by the many worshippers of the Islamic Center of Washington, who depend mainly on street parking spaces when they come for services.

Bender said the city has tried to help residents by adding more resident-only parking signs on the north and west side of the neighborhood.

“Those signs have gone up and have been very helpful,” Bender said, but added that some residents say their visitors still have trouble finding spaces in the neighborhood.

He says the Obama and Trump houses, as well as the building recently bought by Washington Post and Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos, have created a bit more interest in the neighborhood. Bezos recently bought a former textile museum and is turning that into a house.

Bender said that over the years the neighborhood has become accustomed to having high-profile residents. He said five presidents have called Kalorama home.

Bender said even though the new additions may bring with them a few more challenges in the neighborhood, “We actually welcome them and are delighted that they are here.”

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