Md. Woman Lets Her Trump Flag Fly With Yard Display (Photos)

WASHINGTON — Some people still have presidential campaign signs in their yard, but one Maryland woman has gone much further to show she backs President Donald Trump.

“I support my president and everything he’s doing so far. He’s only looking out for America first,” Linda Dement of Calvert County tells WTOP.

She’s a home improvement general contractor, and her property sits right along busy Route 4 in Huntingtown.

She has a Trump flag flying from a flagpole, a Trump banner on her roof, and at night you can see “Trump 2016″ glowing in solar lights on her front lawn.

“I think my fiancé wants me to minimize them so that he can cut the grass in the summer,” she said, laughing.

Sometime over Labor Day weekend, the first Trump flag she put up over the summer was stolen, along with the 25-foot tall flagpole it was attached to.

“So the very same day I reordered a bigger, better flagpole,” Dement said.

The new pole is more than 30 feet tall, held in the ground with more than 400 pounds of concrete and protected by an invisible fence and surveillance cameras.

“The next person that comes on my property [and] decides to steal what my hard working money pays for, they’d better make sure their Obamacare is paid up because they’re probably going to need it,” she said.

Dement, who voted once for President Barack Obama, said she supports Trump’s immigration policies.

“He wants our vets to come before welfare immigrants that aren’t even legal. We don’t even know who they are. Why is that a bad thing? Let’s just figure out who’s here, who’s bad, who’s been arrested 15 times, who’s selling drugs on our street [and] get them … out,” she said.

Dement has asked friends who don’t like the president to give him a chance.

“Give it a couple of years, let’s see if your mind changes. Don’t look at Republican/Democrat, look at what the individual wants to do. That’s what I’ve always done,” she said.

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