Jerry Seinfeld Says, “No Thanks” to Kesha's Surprise Hug Attempt in DC

WASHINGTON — The viral video has taken the internet by storm, sparking various memes plastered with “Seinfeld” references like: “No hugs for you!”

Jerry Seinfeld rebuffed singer Kesha’s attempt at a hug three times at the Kennedy Center on Monday night during “A Night of Laughter and Song.” He was there to benefit the David Lynch Foundation’s program of Transcendental Meditation, which Seinfeld has practiced for 45 years.

During a red carpet interview, Seinfeld was surprised from behind by the “Tik Tok” singer.

“I love you so much,” Kesha exclaimed, as a surprised Seinfeld turned to reply, “Oh, thanks.”

As Kesha asked for a hug, Seinfeld politely said, “No thanks.”

“Please,” Kesha insisted, as Seinfeld repeated, “No thanks.”

“A little one?” she said, reaching in for a hug.

“Yeah, no thanks,” Seinfeld added, stepping away to put some space between them.

As Kesha walked away defeated amid Seinfeld laughs, WTOP Entertainment Editor Jason Fraley quipped, “Well, that was a nice moment,” causing Seinfeld to admit, “I don’t know who that was.”

When WUSA’s Tommy McFly explained, “That was Kesha,” Seinfeld said, “Well, I wish her the best.”

Fans shouldn’t be surprised, especially if they had seen his interview with “CBS Sunday Morning.”

“You must get people coming up to you all the time,” CBS host Anthony Mason asked the comedian.

“It’s part of my job,” Seinfeld replied, adding the caveat, “I do insist on a certain level of civility. Don’t yell at me; we haven’t met. Don’t touch me. Nobody feels good having a total stranger touch them.”

Tik Tok.

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