‘House of Cards' Star Helps Maryland Battle Opioid Crisis

Washington, D.C. — A star of Netflix’s hit series “House of Cards” series and the governor of Maryland are joining forces, to help battle a deadly problem in the state.

Michael Kelly who plays Doug Stamper on “House of Cards” and Larry Hogan are featured in a public service announcement which is encouraging parents to talk to their kids about drug use and abuse.

This television spot comes a day after the governor announced a state of emergency in response to the state’s heroin crisis.

Kelly is no stranger to the state of Maryland, as “House of Cards” has filmed in Maryland for its four seasons.

In a news release, Gov. Larry Hogan thanked the actor for participating in the video and said the ad is one of the many ways the state is trying to educate the public about drug abuse.

Hogan said the epidemic affects people of all walks of life, and the abuse of opioid drugs and heroin use is becoming more and more common among the state’s youth.

“It is critical that parents talk to their children about the dangers of heroin and opioid abuse — before it’s too late,” Hogan said.

In the video, the two urge viewers to visit MDDestinationRecovery.org or call 1-800-422-0009 if they or a loved one needs help in breaking a dangerous addiction.

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