Hera Hub: Co-working Space for Women

WASHINGTON — In the increasingly crowded co-working space in D.C., Hera Hub sets itself apart by catering specifically to women entrepreneurs.

Hera Hub, named for the Greek goddess Hera, protector of women and wife of Zeus, has two locations in San Diego and one in Carlsbad, California. It plans other locations in Phoenix and Stockholm.

The D.C. Hera Hub is at 5028 Wisconsin Ave., NW.

It is decidedly feminine by design.

“It has a very different vibe and feel to it, and everybody kind of notices it when they walk in. They say ‘Oh! This feels like a spa,’” Julia Westfall, the licensed owner of Hera Hub D.C., told WTOP.

“It’s the soft colors, it’s the soft lighting and candles — it is just a very different vibe and feel,” she said.

Hera Hub D.C. has all the bells and whistles co-working spaces have: desks, printers and copiers, Wi-Fi and conference room space — but it is not a girls-only club.

“I’ve heard the conversation about whether or not being female-focused is sexist, but really what we’re trying to do is create an environment where women feel included but we don’t exclude men,” Westfall said.

“Some of our members have male business partners. We have male interns that come in and work with our members, so it’s not that no man can cross the threshold,” she said.

The D.C. Hera Hub location currently has about 80 members. The monthly membership ranges from $90 to $430 a month, depending on co-work space usage.

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