Gov. Hogan Threatens to Veto Paid Sick Leave Bills

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has threatened to veto the paid sick leave bills being considered in the House and Senate.

Hogan told reporters in a news conference Wednesday that the legislation being considered in the House and Senate is terrible.

“If either of these job-killing bills reaches my desk, they are dead on arrival. I will veto them immediately, because they will simply kill businesses and jobs,” he said.

Hours after the Maryland Senate passed a version of the Earned Sick Leave Act on second reader, Gov. Hogan slammed the lawmakers’ versions of the bills. Hogan complained his own version, which included tax incentives for companies with fewer than 49 employees, had been stalled in committee.

The Senate version of the paid sick leave bill had been tweaked during Wednesday’s session to cut the number of sick days allowed to five rather than the originally proposed seven days. It had also been amended to allow seasonal workers to earn paid sick time, but only once they’d put in 106 days on the job.

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