Footage Released of Wild, Legendary Double Play Against Nats

WASHINGTON — A decade ago, on June 23, 2007, the Washington Nationals hosted the Cleveland Indians at RFK Stadium. At the end of the game, trailing 4-3 with one out, the Nats managed to load the bases against Cleveland closer Joe Borowski.

Nats shortstop Felipe Lopez readied up at home plate.

And what could have been a fantastic come-from-behind win became a ridiculous and legendary moment in Nationals history.

Lopez bounced the ball back to Borowski. Borowski caught it. Spun. Threw to Indians catcher Kelly Shoppach at home for a second out.

Shoppach glanced at first but saw that Nats center fielder Nook Logan had gone wide around third. So he rocketed the ball to Casey Blake, who tagged Logan out to end the game.

All of which prompted this amazing broadcast from Nationals announcer Charlie Slowes:

“Now the set, here’s the pitch. Swing and a ground ball, flagged by Borowski. He throws home and that’s all they’ll get.

“Now rounding third, Logan, what is he doing? The throw to third, he’s out and the game is over!

“What was Nook Logan thinking? What was he watching? Where was he going? I can’t believe it! He’s out. It turns out to be a double play and the game is over.”

Now, days before the 10-year anniversary, video from the play has hit YouTube thanks to the MLB.

“It’s kind of a phenomenon, that play,” Slowes told The Washington Post. “Up until the [Jayson] Werth home run [in Game 4 of the 2012 NLDS], that was like the greatest call in Nats history.”

“I just spoke my mind and my voice went up like 12 octaves. I was amazed that he did what he did and the game ended on that.”

It might not be a shining moment in Nationals’ history, but it’s sure fun to watch.

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