Falling Debris Forces Red Line Trains to Bypass Station for Second Day in Row

WASHINGTON — For the second day in a row, Metro trains are bypassing the Rhode Island Ave. Metro station in Northeast D.C. because of falling debris.

In a tweet about 4:30 Thursday afternoon, Metro said riders should expect delays on the Red Line in both directions and that shuttle buses would transport riders around the station.

Shortly before 9 p.m. Wednesday a metal bracket fell from the ceiling at the Metro station, landing near an escalator.

Metro said in a statement the bolts holding the bracket in place had deteriorated from exposure to the elements and salt used to keep the platform from getting icy. Metro officials said they shored up a similar bracket at the station but that neither were primary supports.

The falling debris in the Wednesday’s incident didn’t injure anyone.

Metro station managers are supposed to regularly inspect stations, platforms and tracks for problems, according to Metro policy. All stations also undergo yearly inspections.

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