Emotional Reaction as Teen Accused in Stabbing Death of Wedding Chef Gets Bond

WASHINGTON — Friends of a chef stabbed to death at a Chantilly wedding in August are upset after a Virginia judge granted bond to the 19-year-old accused in her death.

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Moments after a judge decided Kempton Bonds will serve house arrest and pay $250,000 dollars bond, a wave of emotion overtook the courtroom gallery.

Friends and family of victim Tyonne Johns stormed out, some crying in the courtroom and just outside its doors. One man yelled “murderer” and referenced white privilege, NBC Washington reported.

Bonds, a Fairfax County Park Authority employee, is charged with second degree death after prosecutors say he stabbed Johns during an argument over chairs at the wedding in a park.

Johns and other wedding guests made threats against the teen, his attorney said, which he argued could be heard during a seven-minute cellphone video from the day.

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