Dreaded Closures Begin on Beach Drive

WASHINGTON — Dreaded closures along Beach Drive started Thursday morning, bringing significant changes to thousands of drivers who normally use the route to get to and from downtown D.C.

The closures, part of a three-year reconstruction project, stretch from Tilden Street NW to the spot where Beach Drive begins at Rock Creek Parkway.

“This is something to pay attention to,” said Leif Dormsjo, director of the District Department of Transportation.

“Hopefully the parallel arterial routes will be able to absorb some of the traffic, but it will not be business as usual.”

Around 20,000 cars normally go through Beach Drive on weekdays.

They will be now forced onto other busy roads such as 16th Street, Georgia, Massachusetts and Connecticut avenues.

“It’s going to put a lot of pressure on the roadway system,” said Dormsjo. “People really are going to have to find alternate routes.”

This is the first of four closures related to the Beach Drive reconstruction. Each one is expected to last six to eight months.

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