Dozens of Car Windows Smashed in Alexandria; Police Seek Links

WASHINGTON — Alexandria police will check with nearby Fairfax and Arlington counties after as many as three dozen cars were found with their windows smashed sometime between late Saturday and early Sunday.

“We had a series of destruction of properties in the west end of Alexandria where numerous car windows were smashed out by an unknown suspect,” said Crystal Nosal, spokeswoman for City of Alexandria Police Department.

Nosal said the exact number of cars that were vandalized ranges “between two and three dozen,” and occurred “from Kenmore Avenue, to North Van Dorn Street, to Seminary Road, to North Armistead.”

Police said nothing was taken from inside the damaged cars.

“The suspects seemed to have been in a vehicle, driving around, and either smashing out windows with a sharp object or shooting them out with a BB gun,” Nosal said.

Nosal said after the vandalism came to light, other similar incidents have been reported elsewhere in Northern Virginia.

“We’ve heard, through social media, this also occurred in Fairfax County, close to the Alexandria border. And some people have mentioned it happened in Arlington last week,” said Nosal. “We’ll check with other departments to see if they have information on suspects and go from there.”

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