DC Universities Advise Foreign Students After Trump's Travel Ban

WASHINGTON — Three D.C. universities are offering guidance to foreign students following President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. 

A student at George Washington University was not allowed to board a plane in Iran and at least 73 others have been affected, said spokeswoman Candace Smith.

“As a result of this Executive Order, we are warning affected individuals that travel outside of the United States for the foreseeable future is risky because it is likely that you will not be re-admitted to the United States,” said a post on the university’s website.

At Georgetown University, approximately 20 students enrolled in its main, law and medical campuses are on visas from the seven affected countries. None of these students are currently abroad, said Ryan King with the university.

In a memo to students and staff, Georgetown’s president calls the implications of the order “significant and concerning.”

“We are an institution that values the contributions of our international students, staff, and faculty, and we are deeply committed to interreligious dialogue,” university president John J. DeGioia wrote.

At American University, 21 students are affected, confirmed spokeswoman Kelly Alexander.

A similar memo was shared from provost Scott Bass, who strongly advises students and faculty to postpone travel outside the U.S.

“We recognize that there will be other needs going forward, including requests for assistance for visiting scholars, conference participants, dependents of those directly affected,” he wrote.

The 90-day travel restrictions included in Trump’s executive order overlaps with all three universities’ spring breaks and, as Bass wrote, could mean more resources will need to be made available for students unable to travel home.

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