DC Pet Adoption Center Needs Your Help After Flood Damage

WASHINGTON — The heavy rains that drenched the area have caused pockets of flood damage. One of the area’s biggest pet shelters — the pet adoption facility on New York Avenue in Northeast — suffered flood damage when water rushed in, soaking pet bins.

“The water came in and we moved the animals out of harm’s way but we wound up with a lot of wet dog bedding,” said Matt Williams, communications director for the Humane Rescue Alliance.

The staff immediately began cleanup operations but the shelter has been left short of usable pet bedding.

“We could really use donations of old blankets, sheets, towels; things like that would really help us create bedding for the animals,” Williams said.

The flooding has also caused crowded conditions for the pets, spurring a public appeal to encourage anyone who might be thinking of adopting a dog or cat to do so this weekend.

“We would love to get some of these guys into homes sooner rather than later,” Williams said.

The Humane Rescue Alliance adoption center at 1201 New York Avenue NE is open weekends — Saturdays and Sundays.

Get more information at the Humane Rescue Alliance website.

The shelter’s location:

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