Convictions Overturned After Baltimore Police Indicted

WASHINGTON — Prosecutors in Baltimore, Maryland are undertaking the monumental task of reviewing hundreds of cases which were touched by seven Baltimore Police officers indicted on federal racketeering charges.

“We’ve been fully transparent about the negative and pervasive implications that this indictment would have on both pending and closed cases,” said Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

The seven officers were part of the city’s Gun Trace Task Force and according to federal prosecutors, are accused of robbing and threatening residents, falsifying reports, lying to investigators and overtime fraud.

At a press conference on Thursday, Mosby said 150 closed and adjudicated cases have been identified, so have 50 active cases. So far, charges against those involved in 30 active cases have been dropped, and 13 people have been released from jail after prosecutors reviewed their cases.

“This will only happen after a thorough review of each and every case, where the case depends exclusively on the credibility of these officers,” Mosby said.

According to the state’s attorney, 45 of the cases which will be reviewed involve suspects who are awaiting trial in jail.

Mosby said cases which involve people who are incarcerated will get priority in the review process.

All cases which involve statements or evidence from the indicted officers from January 2015 on will be reviewed, according to Mosby. She is encouraging anyone who believes their case may have been impacted by these officers to contact her office.

The seven indicted officers are:

  • Detective Momodu Bondeva Kenton Gondo, 34
  • Detective Evodio Calles Hendrix, 32
  • Detective Daniel Thomas Hersl, 47
  • Sergeant Wayne Earl Jenkins, 36
  • Detective Jemell Lamar Rayam, 36
  • Detective Marcus Roosevelt Taylor, 30
  • Detective Maurice Kilpatrick Ward, 36

A judge has kept six of the seven officers behind bars, ahead of their upcoming trials, which haven’t been scheduled yet.

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