College Park Considers Letting Everyone Vote

WASHINGTON — Nearly a dozen cities in Maryland already allow all of its residents, including citizens living in the country illegally, the right to vote. But Tuesday night, the city of College Park could become the biggest city in the state to grant that right.

It would apply only to city elections and would make all adult residents eligible to vote. Those who are not U.S. citizens would be put on a supplemental voter list that would prohibit them from voting in state and federal elections.

City Councilwoman Christine Nagle is the sponsor of the bill. She said it gives everyone who lives in College Park a say in how the city would be run, since municipal elections tend to have an impact on all city residents — but an impact that doesn’t extend beyond the city’s borders.

The idea is being met with at least some opposition from people who say the right to vote should only be granted to an American citizen. Maryland law gives local governments wide discretion in making that decision.

The vote is scheduled to happen at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

However, there’s already some talk that a vote on this could be delayed until next month.

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