Bald Eagle Will Re-enter the Wild After Poisoning

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (AP) — A bald eagle will be released back into the wild from a park in Williamsburg on Wednesday.

It was one of two bald eagles that suffered pentobarbital poisoning after scavenging a deer carcass. The drug is used to euthanize animals, including deer.

The birds were unable to stand when rescuers found them in Mathews County in November. The Wildlife Center of Virginia has helped them recuperate.

The eagle will be released at noon on Wednesday at York River State Park in James City County. The second eagle needs more recovery time.

Virginia’s bald eagle population is on the rebound after the number of nests plummeted to fewer than 50 in 1977. Today, the state boasts more than 1,000 active bald eagle nests.

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