DC Restaurant Week

Finally. We've been so very hungry.

You know those old cartoon characters who open their change purses only to find a moth fluttering out? (We're looking at you, Mister Magoo.) Yeah, we're sorta feeling like that these days. It's hard to live in the lap of luxury (or pretend to) when you're trying to stockpile canned goods and bottled water for a potential economic apocalyse. (Eep.)

Need to hit the reset button instead of the panic button? Enjoy some eats at the best DC restos for super-cheap. (Hey, you can use all that cash you hid in your mattress.)

DC Restaurant Week is on now through Feb. 22 (at least), and restaurant owners are pulling out all the stops this time around. Restaurant 3 in Arlington is offering their full menu for Restaurant Week with no restrictions. Bistro Bis is adding brunch to its offerings. Some spots are throwing in an extra course with lunch, and lots of eateries are extending their end dates all the way to March 1.

At any rate, you'll get a two- (or three-) course lunch for $20.09 or a three-course dinner for $35.09. Yeah, the dinner price has been kicked up by five bucks since the recession really got going, but you'll still save big compared to what you'd normally pay. Which means you can put the extra money in the bank... or just order twice as many martinis as usual. Yeah, we're going with the latter.

Some Sample Menus:

701 9th St. N.W.

1st Round: Choice of Hommus, Baba Ghannouge, Fattoush or Bantijan Bil Liban

2nd Round: Choice of Falafel, Kotopoulo, Garides Me Anitho or Spanakopita

3rd Round: Shish Taouk, Piyaz, Olive Oil Salmon or Sojouk

Dessert: Choice of Greek Cherries and Yogurt or Turkish Delight

1st Round: Choice of Hommus, Baba Ghannouge, Fattoush or Bantijan Bil Liban

2nd Round: Choice of Falafel , Garides Me Anitho, Kolokithokeftedes, or Cerkez Tavugu

3rd Round: Choice of Kotopoulo, Olive Oil Salmon, Sojouk or Spanakopita

4th Round: Choice of Short Rib Kapama, Scallops, Shish Taouk or Lamb Bahar

Dessert: Choice of Greek Cherries and Yogurt or Turkish Delight

Bistro Bis
15 E St. N.W.

Appetizers: Choice of Salade Frisee au Lardons, Steak Tartare Atilla, Beet Salade au Citron, Pate' de Campagne, Moules au Curry, Onion Soup Les Halles, Potage St. Germain, Salade Maraichere, Endive Salad Chardenoux

Entrees: Choice of Steak Frites, Rockfish Bourride, Salmon au Champagne, Chicken Salade Gourmande, Tuna Salade Nicoise, Fricassee de Veau Marengo, Sea Scallops au Potiron, Risotto Forestiere, Coq Au Vin or Trout Grenobloise

Appetizers: Choice of Pate' de Campagne, Endive Salade Chardenoux, Beet Salade au Citron, Potage St. Germain, Moules au Curry, Tuna Salade Nicoise, Steak Tartare Atilla, Salade Frisee au Lardons, Onion Soup Les Halles or Salade Maraichere

Entrees: Choice of Lamb Shank Bretonne. Coq Au Vin, Trout Grenobloise, Salmon au Champagne, Duck Confit Facon Tarbais, Sea Scallops au Potiron, Rockfish Bourride, Fricassee de Veau Marengo, Cote de Porc Normande, Steak Frites or Risotto Forestiere

Dessert: Choice of Bistro Apple Strudel, Molten Chocolate Cake, Tarte au Citron, Black Forest Torte, Madagascar Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee, Seasonal Berries, Glace or Sorbet

901 New York Avenue, N.W.


Appetizers: Choice of Beet Salad, Classic Turtle Soup, Smoked Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo, Roasted Corn and Crab Soup, Trio of Deviled Eggs, Mixed Green Salad, or B.L.T. Salad

Entrees: Choice of any entree from the regular menu. Add $8 for Jumbo Lump Crabcakes or $4 for BBQ Shrimp.

Desserts: Choice of Warm Raisin Bread Pudding, White Chocolate Creme Brulee, Chocolate Fudge Cake

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