Star of “A Girls Guide” Production Says U.S. Is Ready for a Woman President

Star of D.C. production "A Girls Guide to Washington Politics" Brooke Berit spoke to Niteside about her hit play and why America is ready for a woman president.

How did you get involved with comedy troupe Second City? I started working at Second City about three years ago, which is based in Chicago. It’s a satirical, theatrical house of comedy. They are not so much plays as they are reviews. 

What exactly is "A Girls Guide to Washington Politics"? It’s a review of politics with a female voice and perspective. You get to learn about D.C. from a different viewpoint, and it’s really a conversation starter. 

Do you all review any controversial figures like Sarah Palin? I don’t want to give too much away, but let's just say nobody is safe!

Are we ready for a female president in your opinion? We’ve always been ready for a female president. It’s time. I'm not sure how the rest of the world feels, but I can see our next president being a woman. I can't wait!

What do you love most about doing the show here in D.C.? I love how great it is that you can walk outside and see history right in your back yard. All the museums, buildings, the White House and everything our country was founded on are right here. I also love hearing the in-depth conversations on the street about what’s going on on Capitol Hill. This city is like nowhere else in the world.

If you had to be in politics, what office would you hold? I’d say vice president because I want to be the one to have your back, but not take all the [stuff] that presidents have to. 

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