Creepy Cartoon DC People Have High Salaries, Too

Hallelujah, It's Raining Money!


Next Media Animation TV, a Taiwanese animation group, has taken us all on a trip to the Uncanny Valley.

The creepy-ish cartoon is sounding off on the recent news that the D.C. area now has the highest average salary in America, having unseated Silicon Valley from the #1 spot. Take that, computer geeks!

In the video, Uncle Sam is taking Americans to the cleaners -- which actually involves throwing a hapless nerdy scientist through shattering glass doors.

Sure, the gap between rich and poor is ever-widening, but does Uncle Sam have to resort to attempted murder to make the point? We're pretty sure that's just blatantly illegal.

Another talking point: The average salary and benefits package for a federal worker is more than $126,000 -- and that's not even getting into the salaries of lobbyists and lawyers. We hear they get paid pretty decently, too.

But what especially hurts about all this? According to the video, these gleefully rich people seem to have nothing better to do than toss their cash into the air and let it rain down on them! Jeez, guys, at least invest that, or buy a house, or something!

You can see the video here:

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