DC’s First Juice Truck Gets Rolling

Rick and Jessie Kennedy's Juice Revolution food truck brings fresh vegetable and fruit juices to Washingtonians.

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Jade Polay
Jade Polay
You say there's gonna be a... Juice Revolution? Yep. DC's first juice truck is hitting the streets, courtesy of nutrition and health junkies Rick and Jessie Kennedy. Juice Revolution works with local farmers and producers in the area to create its juices.
Jade Polay
After being unable to find freshly squeezed juices, Jessie quit her day job in pursuit of starting up a truck customers could come visit "knowing that they would be doing something healthy and good for their bodies," she said.
Jade Polay
Rick and Jessie are changing up juice options regularly. Some favorites include the Carrotini, made with carrots, orange and ginger for an immunity boost; the Green Ohm, made with cucumber, kale, pineapple and ginger to work as a nutrient energizer; and the Purple Rain, nicknamed the "detox" drink, which contains red cabbage, beets, apple and lemon.
Jade Polay
Most of Juice Revolution's produce is organic. Guests can pop in and see what products exactly are going into their juices, adding to the wholesome and healthy aspect of the truck.
Jade Polay
Rick Kennedy mixes fruits and vegetables right inside of the truck, ensuring the freshness of all juices served. The truck gives back leftover vegetable pulp to urban farmers so that they can put it right back into the soil.
Jade Polay
The truck uses compostable products to promote environmentally conscious behaviors. Rick and Jessie Kennedy hope to one day run the truck on vegetable oil.
Jade Polay
Fresh juice fanatics can expect to find the truck on weekdays around Metro stations from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Customers can also get the juice at Fuel Pilates (3214 O St. N.W.) or ask for delivery. Keep track of their whereabouts via Twitter
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