DC Flugtag Team Headed for Philly

Flugtag team headed for Philly


Five guys from the area are headed for beautiful downtown Camden, N.J., Saturday. More precisely, they will be at Pier1 at the Camden waterfront, directly across from Philadelphia.

Chris Leahey, Mike Flynn, Josh Bland, Brett Erickson and Camden Miller are the Toys Night Out team in this year's Red Bull Flugtag competition.
Flugtag means "flying day" in German.
In this context, flugtag refers to a challenge in which homemade, human-powered flying machines are launched from a 30-foot deck in hopes of achieving flight.
Presumably, each pilot will achieve a swim in the Delaware River instead.
NBC4 caught up with the team in Laurel, Md., today as they applied finishing touches to their flying machine.
If the Toys Night Out theme seems familiar, that's because it was inspired by a KIA car commercial that first aired in the Super Bowl this year, with a song by The Heavy entitled “How You Like Me Now.”
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