D.C.: 93 Percent Honest

Good Job, People!

Honest Tea

Good job, everyone! You're living in one of the U.S.'s most honest major cities -- at least according to a social experiment conducted by Honest Tea.

Last month, the beverage maker set up pop-up shops called Honest Stores, which "sold" bottles on the honor system. Each drink cost a dollar, but it was left up to would-be shoppers whether they actually paid.

There was no penalty for not paying, but hidden cameras recorded everying. D.C. was determined to be 93 percent honest, coming in just a teeny bit behind Boston.

Here's the complete breakdown, according to USA Today:

  • Boston: 93.3 percent honest
  • D.C.: 93 percent honest
  • San Francisco: 91 percent honest
  • NYC: 89 percent honest
  • Atlanta: 89 percent honest
  • Chicago: 78 percent honest
  • L.A.: 75 percent honest

The D.C. locations were set up at Union Station on July 13, and at Farragut North, Chinatown, 7th and G N.W., Capitol Hill and the National Mall on July 14.

Proceeds from the Honest Stores will be donated to City Year, which helps young people offer a year of service in schools and communities. If you didn't pay, we're sorry if you're now feeling those gnawing pangs of guilt. Of course, you could simply donate here.

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