Dan's Cafe: Gem of Adams Morgan

The true 'dive bar' of Adams Morgan

Dan's Cafe is like no other bar along the strip of upscale and frattish bars in Adams Morgan.

The first time I walked in there, it was by accident just looking for a place that wasn't so crowded. As soon as I entered, I knew I found a gem. Not just a gem, but a place I would have to bring my friends when they came to visit. This was something they had to experience.

Where else can you get a 200ml bottle of liquor, a bowl of limes, and a can of soda or juice for around $12. It's just your standard house liquor, but still - one can't be greedy.

Their jukebox selection is above average, which is an important factor when having a few drinks at a bar. For those looking for a game of pool, they do have a table. On Friday and Satuday nights, though, you'll usually find a sheet of plastic draped over it because of all the spilled drinks.

My two complaints of Dan's are about the bathrooms and the air tempature. The bathrooms look like they haven't been cleaned in a year - never wear flip flops - and the smell is just awful. As for the air temperature, they lack air conditioning and rely on two large fans in each corner during the summer months. In the winter, you might not want to take off your coat. It can get a little cold.

Dan's Cafe is located in Adams Morgan at 2315 18th Street NW, Washington, D.C.

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