“Daily Show” Tackles D.C. Traffic

Jon Stewart is known for never passing up an opportunity to make fun of someone or something, especially when it's warranted.

This whole week, Stewart is taping "The Daily Show" in D.C., and he certainly wasn't going to pass up a chance to make fun of the District's, let's call it unique, traffic setup.

Stewart was interviewing correspondent Jason Jones, who was supposed to be at the Supreme Court.  The only problem is Jones couldn't find the landmark.

Stewart offered his reporter simple advice, "Just go to Second Street!"

Jones replied in such a succinct manner, all D.C. residents could do in response is nod their head slowly: "There are four Second Streets. They don't even intersect!"

He continued, "This town is simultaneously magnificient AND useless ... It's like they designed the whole thing as a metaphor!"

Stewart's trip to DC leads up to his "Rally to Restore Sanity" on Saturday at the National Mall

For those not from the area, don't worry, there are clear, concise directions at the Rally's website.

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