CVS Goes Upscale

CVS opens the first of its new Beauty 360 stores in Dupont Circle

Despite the economic downturn, CVS presses forward with their newest venture, Beauty 360.

Connected with their drugstore, CVS has plans to open around 50 Beauty 360 stores within the next year. The first store opens its doors today in Dupont Circle.

This beauty store within a drugstore is the first of its kind in the United States and CVS believes that despite the cuts in spending, the store will be a success. Beauty 360 stores will offer high-end make up brands like Laura Geller, Canyon Ranch, and Borba with prices ranging from $15 to $170. Make-up typically found at CVS like Revlon or Cover Girl will still be available at CVS, but not within Beauty 360. In order to offer a unique service, Beauty 360 will also offer spa services like manicures and facials.

CVS is hoping for huge success for the Beauty 360 concept. Depending on the success of the first few stores you may soon see these stores all across the District and the country within the next few years.

So if you are looking for a little make-up, check out the brand new Beauty 360 in D.C. and see what you think.

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