Cuteness Throwdown: Lions Vs. Cheetahs

We take you on a play-by-play of their adorableness factors. Then... you vote.

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National Zoo
We're taking you on a play-by-play of their adorableness factors before we ask you for your vote. Parental snuggling: Let's get ready to rummmmmble!!! Except... wait. In the first Factor of Cuteness, the lions and the cheetahs are equally cute.
National Zoo
First vet exam: Is the lion cub smiling? We don't trust that. Points to the cheetah for looking annoyed.
National Zoo
Group sleeping technique: The lion cubs are in a big pile of adorableness. It's hard not to love that.
National Zoo
Playtime: The lions are precious, but the cheetahs brought props. Score one for cheetahs.
National Zoo
Roar: The lion cub wins. The cheetah must have overslept the day the zoo offered roaring lessons.
National Zoo
First newborn photo: The cheetah mom wins for looking that good in a loud pattern on a TV screen.
National Zoo
Tongue slurpiness: The lions have the synchronization down pat.
National Zoo
Pensive gazing: Tie.
Now it's time for you to go vote. Which species will Washington rank the cutest? VOTE HERE!
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