Cupcakes at 9:30

Take a hike, PBR. It's frosting time.

The 9:30 Club debuted a signature cupcake the last weekend of May, during -- get this -- two sold-out CAKE shows. And speaking of sold-out cake: "As we will never sell day-olds, we have to under-order every show," 9:30 Club owner Seth Hurwitz in a release. "We expect this will create a secondary cupcake market for scalpers."

Well, we'd rather buy cupcakes in a dark alley on V Street than some other things that may or may not be going on over there.

The cupcake has arrived after a year (a YEAR! This better be a damn good cupcake) of work on the part of Buzz (901 Slaters Lane, Alexandria, VA) pastry chef Josh Short.

Here's the final composition, according to Metrocurean: "moist devil's food cake filled with vanilla buttercream, topped with chocolate frosting … but wait there's more, and then dipped in chocolate ganache and adorned with the 9:30 logo."

We'll take 47, please. To go.

Those lucky enough to attend the CAKE concerts (hahaha, it's still funny) got a free! cupcake coupon. Now you can get 'em from the 9:30 Club's regular food area.

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