Culturally Astute Paris Hilton Seeks BFF in the Mideast

Paris goes to Dubai ... Now if only she'd stay there

Why can't the Middle East catch a break these days?

As if the region doesn't have enough to worry about, Paris Hilton will be set loose on the Arabian Peninsula this year to shoot a new Dubai-based version of her MTV series "My New BFF."

The show, which will adhere to the original U.S. format, will follow the hotel heiress as she puts a group of young women -- half Middle Eastern, half Dubai-dwelling ex-pats -- through a series of tests to find the poor sap who best complements her.

But given Middle East sensibilities, Ish Entertainment co-founder Hirschorn said the Dubai production won't be as racy as the U.S. or U.K. editions.

That means alcohol, swearing and risque behavior (i.e., everything that makes Paris Hilton interesting) will be kept to a minimum.

"My New BFF: Dubai" received several layers of approval before moving forward, including the okay of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, says Variety.

We hope you know what you're doing, your highness.

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