Crystal Stilts Will Soundtrack Your Winter

Looking for music to accompany you on your winter walks

From the Washington City Paper blog Black Plastic Bag

The Crystal StiltsAlight of Night, which was recently released, is another great album for your winter walks. High on reverb, bitter-sweet melodies that recall the best of the C86 scene, the Shop Assistants, Velocity Girl, Flying Nun, etc, and those mopey, buried vocals. The Brooklyn-based band has such a good, assured sound. I’ve been listening to this record almost every morning while I have my coffee and read the news. It’s also great to walk around with.

The Stilts LP was put out by Slumberland….So we should just take a moment to give handclaps to the once-local label’s re-birth after years of non-existence. We’ve covered the label back in the day. Just listen to this soundclip and try not to feel nostalgic for winter in D.C. circa 1992! (Soundclip after the jump).

“The City In The Sea”

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