Cranky Georgetown Students Protest Monday Classes

Georgetown ruins snow days. And won't someone PLEASE think of the founding fathers?

Due to missing approximately 8,000 days of class this winter, Georgetown University has decided to cancel Monday's planned Presidents' Day holiday, reports the Georgetown Dish. Accordingly, angry Georgetown students are protesting this move with a Facebook group.

We get it, kiddos -- a lot of you had already made travel plans. But let's be honest. Are you reeeeally trying to "Protect Our National Holiday!" as the name of the group suggests?

Due to the recent snowfall, Georgetown is going to disgrace the memory of our founding fathers by holding classes this Monday. Never mind the fact that travel plans may be made for that day, it's a holiday that the rest of the country will be observing. We need to take action against this.

Yep, won't someone just think of the founding fathers for a change? The founding fathers WANT these students to have off from class! Jeez!

The group already has 1,400+ members and is still going strong.

Meanwhile, Georgetown Provost Jim O'Donnell's also suggested that professors find "creative" (i.e., electronic) ways to interact with students during the snow days, reports the Georgetown Voice. One professor told the Voice that using a real-time blog helped create a virtual class. "[S]tudents were generating thoughtful, quality posts that drew upon course readings, previous discussions, current media developments, and their own insights."

Wow, way to ruin a snow day, Georgetown!

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