Cozy into these Fair Isle Bottoms

Typically reserved for preppy knits and Christmas sweaters, this season Fair Isle patterns are popping up on everything from leggings to skirts to super-short winter hot pants.

Urban Outfitters has the most affordable of the offerings, with a pair of Sparkle and Fade leggings (above left) running you only $39. The real problem here is how to wear them, and we have a hard time imagining these would fit seamlessly into many grown women's wardrobes.

Anthropologie carries a pricier option with the same problem: sweater shorts (above middle) for $88. We can certainly imagine padding around the house in these, and a daring fashionista could probably make them work with a pair of tights, but even Anthropologie admits they are "best suited for snuggling up by the fire."

So in order to get the most of the trend, looks like we'll have to pay top dollar. Wink stocks our favorite Fair Isle so far: a Joie skirt (above right) for $228. You may be setting yourself back a quarter month's rent, but just think how warm and cozy you'll be in this chic, soft mini.

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie/Joie

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