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Read this and you'll look smart and have something to talk about...

Read this and you'll look smart. You don't have to be intelligent to impress people -- you just have to fake it. Here's a daily list of fascinating articles that will wow your friends, surprise your co-workers and make you seem sharp at a cocktail party or over the lunch counter....

  • The Obama campaign has one of the most sophisticated organizing apparatus of any presidential campaign because it's the first to successfully use technology to bolster volunteer participation and garner feedback on a large scale -- creating an unprecedented get-out-the-vote effort.
  • McDonald's is overhauling its packaging in a move the fast-food giant is billing as the largest packaging initiative in its history -- focusing more on the food inside the packaging with pictures of the enclosed items and individual tag lines (i.e., "share me nots" for chicken nuggets).
  • Simon Cowell saved American democracy. Many young voters have been encouraged by the "American Idol" judge to vote on the show and will likely translate that instinct into casting a ballot in the presidential election.
  • A new study shows that dogs can read human faces to detect signs of anger, irritation or happiness the same way that people can. Dogs have evolved this skill over thousands of generations.
  • Three newspapers are refusing to put NRA-sponsored, anti-Obama ads on their newspaper bags.
  • A new book is a collective of answers to pointless scientific questions. And here are a few examples: In films, the hero often evades bullets by jumping into a river. How far below the surface would he need to dive?
  • A logician weighs what makes a person evil. Do you pass the test?
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