Copycat Cat Killer Suspected in Broward

Two mutilated cats in Broward have cops telling folks to keep their felines inside

Apparently nowhere is safe for cats these days in South Florida.

The bodies of two mutilated cats were found in front of homes in Broward County, most recently on Wednesday, which have cops thinking a copycat cat killer is on the loose.

“It was very cleanly done,” said Capt. Rick Rocco of the Lauderhill Police Department, who described the most recent feline found. “Meaning some people who hunt would understand...The animal was perhaps drained first and then cut cleanly. It wasn't in a gory fashion.”

Cops aren’t saying for sure that someone is mimicking the person responsible for dozens of mutilated cats found in two Miami-Dade neighborhoods. But it is highly unlikely that the Miami-Dade serial cat killer made a special trip north to find some new victims.

Russell Morse found his neighbor’s cat, Nila, dead in his front yard. She was pregnant with a litter of kittens, too.

“Gutted,” he said. “It was something to see. Killed my coffee appetite. I usually drink coffee in the morning for breakfast.”

It’s been nearly a month since the first skinned cat was found in Cutler Bay. There have been 25 other bodies discovered in yards and on front porches since as the cat death toll rises. And just like the original feline hunter, no one has a description of a suspect or a motive behind the senseless Broward attacks.

A reward for the Miami-Dade killer is up to $7,500 for any information leading to an arrest.

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