Commuters Fail to be Cheered by Carolling “Mob”

People are accusing of ruining Christmas.

Hey, now. Haven't we been here all along, trying to ruin Christmas? Are we not cynical enough for you?

A Christmas-carolling flashmob attempted to bring cheer to commuters last night, although some complained that TBD leaked their precious, precious schedule. Meanwhile, a YouTube video from the Washington Post depicts a whopping crowd of four -- FOUR!!!! -- carolers singing a Metro-themed version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." ...Yes, a Metro-themed version that somehow fails to mention surly station managers, trains delayed to infinity, raining ceilings, etc. How cheerful!

The flashmob was planned via a now-deleted Facebook group, since that wacky, mean media glommed onto the excitement. (Cue comments demanding to know why this is news. It just is. We don't control the media, OK?)

In order to continue spreading our grizzled, unhappy, fault-finding ways, we'd like to point out that the carolers are carrying Starbucks drinks down into the Metro, against the rules. But flashmobs are rebels, right? Just remember, kids, this is our Metro we're talking about -- one splash of mocha latte and those escalator brakes will implode.

OK, so maybe they cheered up the commute a little. "We've got people smiling," organizer Jason McCool told the Post.

The real Christmas miracle? That this group of carolers managed to find working escalators going in both directions.

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