“Commander in Leash” Bo Gets Book Deal

The First Dog will star in his own children's book

Bo Obama has officially gotten his first bark deal.

The First Dog is the star of a new children's book that will be released next week, the UK's Sky News reported.

"Bo, America's Commander In Leash" follows the Portuguese water puppy on adventures around the White House, as he plays with President Barack Obama and the first family.

In the book, Bo rides with Sasha and Malia Obama on their new swing set, sits in the White House garden as the family plants veggies and watches the President shoot hoops on the basketball court.

The publisher, Mascot Books, advertises "Bo, America's Commander in Leash" on its Web site as "the first children's book starring the most famous dog in the world."

Bo Obama made his debut Tuesday evening at the White House after months of anticipation about what kind of Presidential puppy would be barking in the Oval Office.

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