Colonial Dog Graves Found at William & Mary

Paris Hilton might be remembered by some for the way she treated her teacup Chihuahua Tinkerbell, but apparently that love of four-legged friends may date back to colonial times.

Scientists at the College of William and Mary said the recent discovery of two 200-year-old dog graves on the school's campus is a scholarly mystery.

The remains were found while researchers monitored a construction project.

Originally, researchers believed the remains to be human because the rectangular graves were aligned east to west. That type of burial is consistent with Christian burial practices of colonial times.

The college's Center for Archeological Research later determined the remains were canine. Researchers dated the graves back to between the late 17th century and mid 18th century.

Scientists say people didn't think of dogs and cats in the same way some do now. They say they are unaware of any other formal dog burial during that time period.

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